Remelting of 'old gold'

Precious metals such as gold or silver coming from jewelery of which the design or affective value has no (more) meaning for the owner, can be re-melted in the studio.

Given the metal is reused effectively in a new jewel of your choice, the owner retains the full value of the metal and avoids high commissions on sales or exchanges of catalog jewelry.


Apart from the existing collections jewelry can also be developed and produced on special request.
Some examples:


- An idea of the customer is mutually discussed and further drawn up to a final definitive design.


- Starting from either a provided or a selected gemstone, a design is being outlined, while taking into account the desires of the customer.


- From a suplied company logo designs can be made for company pins, cuff links, tie pins, key chains, etc.


The workshop is equipped to carry out most repairs itself.


Even if the jewel or the watch is not from our workshop, we will be happy to help you.


Here below are some target prices listed. These, however, are not binding and may differ depending the type of jewel, the nature of the defect, etc.