Lien Deleu was born in Menen (Belgium) on January 23, 1993. In secondary school, she studied Visual Arts at the TIHF institute in Bruges. This is a multi-faceted discipline that offers a wide range of art techniques such as painting, sculpture, textile art, ...


For further studies she chose a creative and technical training, namely Industrial Product Design (Product Design) at the Howest in Kortrijk. Designing products has everything to do with shaping, technical work outs, developing variants, redesigning existing products and customized designing.


Still, Lien made a turnaround. After completing her undergraduate degree she would still further deepen her greatest passion: Jewellery Design. In 2014 she started training Jeweller - Goldsmith at Syntra West in Kortrijk. Her previous educations formed a perfect basis for designing jewellery.


In her spare time she still practices art. As a little girl she loved to draw every day.

Art painting became one of her bigger passions.

The portrait paintings are very often made on demand. Her particular style and often dark backgrounds give her work a unique and mysterious character.


In the smithy your old jewelry can be repaired to their original splendor.


Old gold and silver can be remelted and also transformed into unique jewelry, the design of which is established in consultation with the client.


Various collections jewelery of own creation show a quirky combination of precious metals and hand-cut stones.


On September 19th, 2016, the activities of

"Studio Lien Deleu" were officially recognized by the Commission Craftsmen of the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy as "craft".

On March 2020 she received from UNIZO the

Handmade in Belgium - label.

Studio Lien Deleu is an official Partner of the House of Weddings Quality Label which gathers the best and most trustworthy Wedding Vendors in Belgium.
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